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Expressions International Model Management or XI Models for short , was established in 1990 by Virgilio Baker. The main focus of Expressions in our early years was to provide the best photography to aspiring models and actors in the Northwest Ohio market. We soon found out that our clients needed more than just our photography services. Like most photographers our founder's goals was to have his work seen by professionals in marketing and advertising. Art Directors, Magazine and Photo Editors, the very same people that most of our clients were trying to have their photos seen by, and it was also good to have a Aunt that had a modeling agency in Cleveland, Ohio that could give good advice about finding work for models.

Look I can go on and on about our business history, and what we have done to help other models to find paying assignments but it all comes down to you having the right tools to break into the modeling industry without going broke. We are serious about helping you, having the right tools. Our goals are simple, put our models in front of the right people that hire Models and Actors. If you are as serious as we are and willing to work hard and invest in yourself than you may have what it take's to be a XI Model.

Who we are

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